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Polarity Therapy is like...

by Lisa Oliva

The novelty of this work does not lie in new healing principles or innovative techniques—the foundational underpinnings are ancient healing modalities and holistic practices; its uniqueness is in its distillation of shared health wisdoms.

Polarity Therapy is like CHINESE MEDICINE in that:

it opens up energy currents to restore natural movement and balance.

Polarity Therapy is like YOGA in that:

it emphasizes the connection to, and exploration of, the body, its mutual expansions and contractions, it’s dimensionality, and innately spiritual purpose.

Polarity Therapy is like CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY in that:

it listens deeply to the rhythms of the body, relates, allows, unwinds, and balances. It works with the intelligence of the system rather than against it. 

Polarity Therapy is like AYURVEDA in that:

it is a health system that honors universal interconnectedness and interactions. Rather than viewing things as isolated or unrelated, it observes the relationships between them.

Polarity Therapy is like OSTEOPATHY in that:

it emphasizes the coordination between form/structure and function/process in the body. 

Polarity Therapy is like GESTALT THERAPY in that:

it is process-oriented and informed by direct experience. It honors the importance of the client-practitioner relationship and establishing authentic rapport.

Polarity Therapy is like SHAMANIC PRACTICES in that:

it honors the dimensionality and sacredness of all life. 

Polarity Therapy is like TAODISM in that:

it honors our relationship with nature and encourages a set of practices that support our minds, bodies, and spirits. Real healing unfolds; it is not something to be hurried, forced, or rushed. 

Polarity Therapy is like THAI MASSAGE in that:

it utilizes compression and stimulating touch to wake up the body and being by restoring circulation, range of motion, and vitality. 

Polarity Therapy is like HOMEOPATHY in that:

it’s a system of holistic medicine that assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself.