A Musical Metaphor for Polarity Therapy

by Lisa Oliva

Are you in harmony with yourself and your life?

Imagine your body is a guitar. It speaks in notes, chords, and rhythms. In a Polarity Therapy session, I tune to you and listen. 

Perhaps life has overplayed you? Or you've been too idle? Do you want more range? Volume? Is your "music" in resonance with who you are? Are you ready for a new beat? Different sounds?

Where is your challenge? Where are you holding excess tension? Where are your compensations? Has your audience been receptive and supportive? What is it like for you to take your space and share your "music"?

My goal as a Polarity Therapy practitioner is to resource your disharmonious places and tune them.

Why? So you can:

• Participate in life

• Allow your essence to vibrate through you

• Find your expression

• Restore possibility and choice

• Play the "songs" you came here to play

• Evolve those "songs" and live a life of creativity, exploration, inspiration, and growth. 

The work of Polarity Therapy is my song. I want to receive your music. I want to help you remember your harmony.