polarity therapy

Have Your Day

by Lisa Oliva

It started out more as a joke than anything—but then it stuck—my boyfriend and I saying our morning goodbyes, which included the clichéd:

“Have a nice day.”

There are other versions of this same nicety:

“Have a great night.”

“Have a good weekend.” 

They’re such popular, cultural expressions. We use them all the time. 

But what if we don’t need to have a nice day? What if we need things to go off more in our lives. What if change still needs more friction to propel a clear decision forward? Change doesn’t happen in a moment. It builds. And not usually with a consistent string of nice days, great nights, and good weekends. It builds in the challenges that encourage us to refine our direction, set boundaries, and be clear about what we need and want.

So have whatever kind of day you need to have.

And be however you need to be with it.

Have Your Day.