About somatic experiencing


Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented approach to restoring regulation in the Autonomic Nervous System. When regulation is restored, resiliency to life and its stressors is enhanced.

The harmony of our life is intrinsically tied to the harmony of our nervous system.

The Autonomic Nervous System is responsible for our defensive (or survival) responses—fight, flight, and freeze—as well as our ability to “rest and digest”.

A regulated Autonomic Nervous System balances periods of physiological activation caused by stress or excitement by functionally “downshifting” or deactivating itself to restore ease and flow. We oscillate between higher, Sympathetic, and lower, Parasympathetic, energy states throughout the course of a day.

A dysregulated Autonomic Nervous System may be stuck “on” or “off” and therefore over- or under- react to stressors. Rather than relying on external substances or behaviors to settle and soothe our anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed nervous systems, Somatic Experiencing empowers clients with a skill set for repairing healthy nervous system functioning and responses.

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