Polarity Therapy is a holistic approach to health and wellness, primarily facilitated through one-on-one session work between the practitioner and client.

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Each Polarity Therapy session begins with a balance assessment. The basic model for balance is healthy relationship with 5 main areas:

  • Your PHYSICAL BODY, including your relationship with physical movement, self-nourishment, and (sexual and non-sexual) touch

  • Your EMOTIONAL BODY, including your relationship with your emotional process, social connections, and interpersonal relationships

  • Your ACTION BODY, including your relationship with your behaviors, activities, participation, and vocation

  • Your MENTAL BODY, including your relationship with your mind, thoughts, ideas, creativity, and affinity to learning

  • Your INTEGRATED SELF, including your relationship with your wholeness, sense of purpose, connection to something greater, role in the community, and tie to your environment.

In day to day life, we routinely experience destabilizing factors that compromise our state of balance, resulting in the loss of harmonious relationship with ourselves and our lives.

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Imbalance on its own isn't the problem. However, extended states of imbalance create excess tension and strain. Tension and strain in turn erode our ease, freedom, and choice. Over time the accumulation of various (physical, emotional, relational, mental, and spiritual) tensions and strains cause us pain and discomfort. Compiled pain and discomfort often drive us to find relief and we engage in behaviors as benign as distractions to severe addictions, which only exacerbate our state of imbalance. We can be trapped in this loop for years, decades, and even a lifetime. See diagram above.

In a Polarity Therapy session, the practitioner traces a client's symptoms of pain, discomfort, or pain-relieving behaviors back to original imbalances to find out what's out of relationship within the person's life.

Reclaiming balance is a process that begins in a Polarity Therapy session. As this process unfolds into your life and more and more balance is reclaimed, our preoccupation with pain, and the associated pain relief seeking behaviors, subsides. As we release the tensions holding our imbalance in place, our innate knowing and healing capabilities are restored.

Each client session is an opportunity to:

  • liberate patterning

  • reclaim choice

  • restore inherent movement

  • nurture your health, harmony, and well-being

  • awaken your true nature.

The polarities are our teachers—the tension between opposites that help us find our way.


Dr. Randolph Stone's (1890-1981) training and experience in American Naturopathic, Osteopathic, and Chiropractic medicines felt incomplete. He still wanted to understand the deeper meaning of health and the larger means to healing. His professional curiosity lead him to further study Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, the Hermetic Principles, Native American ways of knowing, and many other indigenous healing traditions as well as Spiritual texts.

Dr. Randolph Stone, Founder of Polarity Therapy

Dr. Randolph Stone,
Founder of Polarity Therapy

Just like unified theories have been explored in mathematics and physics to consolidate fundamental laws, Dr. Stone's efforts to unify ancient and modern healing concepts became his life's work and the development of Polarity Therapy.

Reinstituting energy principles as a means to understanding the interrelated nature of the human system, Dr. Stone passionately created this holistic model to reclaim the lost wisdom of ancient medical systems and its potency for change.

The session format Dr. Stone created to work with clients involves assessing each client's symptoms of imbalance and blocks to understand the client's structural relationships and processing abilities:

  • VERBALLY, using qualitative questioning to make relationship with the client's thoughts and feelings to facilitate cognitive reframing and emotional processing

  • PHYSICALLY, using touch techniques and movement exercises to make relationship with the client's physical and energetic body to promote new movement and flow

  • NUTRITIONALLY, using dietary recommendations inspired by nature and Ayurvedic Medicine to assist the client in restoring balance and empowering their relationship with their own vitality and health

Polarity Therapy is now taught and practiced worldwide as an accredited modality in the healing arts.

Learn more about Polarity Therapy from the AMERICAN POLARITY THERAPY ASSOCIATION

“The whole body recuperates when life’s Central Energy is permitted to flow naturally.”
— Dr. Randolph Stone in "Polarity Therapy Volume One"

Polarity Therapy SESSION FORMAT

No two sessions are alike. The experience is customized to meet, receive, and resource you wherever you are. However, there is a general format to the work.

A typical session begins with you and the practitioner sitting in chairs to discuss your:

  • pain

  • symptoms

  • injuries

  • blocks

  • intentions (or objectives)

Lisa listens deeply to your dimensional structure, patterns, and expressions. She also gives space to your challenges and helps you open up around them. 

Together elemental imbalances are uncovered and honored: what’s in excess and what’s deficient, what's out of relationship, what needs attention, care, or reorientation.


The session will then move to the massage table. You’ll lay down, clothed, so that Lisa can use attuned touch to explore:

  • the places of flow vs. tension

  • structural and energetic relationships

  • what the verbal dialogue opened up

  • specific concerns in the body

Working with your system, not against it, the touch ranges from energetic hand contacts to structural adjustments, gentle stretching, rocking, and firm, compressive holds. The objective is to support the body’s natural unwinding and integration process.

Lisa's goal as a practitioner is consistent: to bridge the gap between your places of challenge and struggle and your places of energy, vitality, and potency so you can restore your wholeness, the full expression of who you are.

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